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  • Qualitative Research Analysis

    Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis

Qualitative research analysis in chennai

Qualitative research is aimed at gaining a deep understanding of a specific organization or event, rather than surface description of a large sample of a population. It aims to provide an explicit rendering of the structure, order, and broad patterns found among a group of participants. It is also called ethno methodology or field research. It generates data about human groups in social settings.

Qualitative research Analysis and Methods are continually evolving, as patterns and styles of human interaction and communication change. We Provide

Best Qualitative research analysis

for your Research Support. Current research may include:

  1. Focus groups
  2. In-depth interviews
  3. Dyads, triads, buddy groups
  4. Online focus groups
  5. Online bulletin boards
  6. Webcam interviews
  7. Mobile qualitative
  8. Online communities/MROC moderating
  9. Social media monitoring